Bridal Beauty Checklist

So here it is! This is what I tell my brides that want to know what I suggest for beauty care leading up to the big day!

I have only a few businesses that I work with and I’ve picked them because they’re the best, they’re educated and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ll preface this, before someone says it, I do NOT get any kick back for my referrals! I’m just all about helping people out and making sure they get the best service and the best deal.

Let’s get right into the checklist and then I’ll give you some tips to help you out!





  • 9-7  MONTHS
    -Make a beauty plan (decide what’s important to you)
    -Create a budget
    -Start your skincare treatment plan asap! If you’re planning on jump-starting it
    with micro needling now is a great time to do that!
    -Start drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and making fresh juices
  • 6-5 MONTHS
    -Start your hair care treatment (we suggest using Monat, it’s worked wonders
    and is all natural), link provided below.
    -Schedule your Hair & Makeup Trial Session
    -Get a facial if you’re going to a professional, otherwise choose an exfoliate
    that has beads that are even, (we do NOT recommend St. Ives)


  • 4-3 MONTHS
    -Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in
    -Book your first teeth whitening session with ProSmilesLLC or buy the
    teeth whitening kit. I prefer this one over Crest Whitening Strips. It’s dentist
    grade product without the crazy price! (only $50)
  • 2 MONTHS
    -Eyebrow design-start your sculpting now with
    -Test out and schedule your spray tan for the perfect look! (referral list below)
    -Final hair cut and color
  • 1 MONTH
    -Lock in your wedding day Hair & Makeup
    -Get eyelash extensions with Beauty by Alicia
    -Schedule your final teeth whitening with Prosmiles
    -Prepare your feet and nails (I suggest ColorStreet for nail designs, and for
    girls that don’t enjoy fake nails like myself)
    -Start spray tanning now if you’re going for 3 shades or more darker than your
    natural skin tone
  • 1 WEEK
    -Clean up eyebrows and touch up lashes
    -Use your teeth whitening kit at home
    -Spray Tan
  • 2 DAYS
    -Spray Tan Touch Up
    -Wake up with a zit? Don’t stress, put some coconut oil on it and it’ll disappear!



    -Drink plenty of water
    -Eat a healthy breakfast (doesn’t have to be big)
    -Enjoy yourself and just live in the moment!!

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