Fresh Flowers VS Silk Flowers

I’ve seen the posts on Facebook asking this question a hundred times…

Should I have fresh flowers or silk?
Is it tacky to have Silk Flowers at a Wedding?
Does anyone make/sell Silk Floral Bouquets?
Should I DIY my flowers?

Honestly, the answer is all the same, choose what you want, it’s your wedding day!

Let’s go over the Pros & Cons:

PROS: Silk wedding flowers do have the advantage of not wilting, which is something to consider if you are having a warm-weather wedding or if you are partial to very delicate flowers that tend to droop quickly.

 Likewise, they won’t freeze in cold weather.

Silk wedding flowers are very lightweight, making bouquets much easier to handle and to transport. They don’t need watering and are much more durable (no worrying about delicate blooms falling apart, sagging, or being stomped on by your flower girl!).

Silk flowers can be scented to smell like the real thing, without the drawback causing sneezing!

A silk bridal bouquet will retain its beauty and look just as gorgeous on your 25th anniversary as it did on your wedding day.

Silk Flower arrangements are perfect for any guests who may have allergies. Most people are unaware that there is a severe allergic reaction to some with fresh eucalyptus (popular wedding décor), it can be as much of a shock to their system as a peanut allergy.


Some silk flowers aren’t always the cheapest. The more obscure your choices are the costlier they are. Keep this in mind when picking floral arrangements. The same is true for fresh flowers as well.

Fresh flowers can brighten up a room with their natural scents, the same can be achieved through added scents with your silk arrangements but you can still tell a difference. Fresh flowers will always be gorgeous to have around.


Should I DIY my Flowers?


If you have the patience, skill and time than I say go for it!

My goal isn’t to sell you everything from my store, I’m here as a Wedding Manager/Planner and I advise what’s in your best interest. If you can do it DIY, then I support you.

My best tips for DIY bouquets is to buy your flowers at either Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I prefer Hobby Lobby for silk florals though, and there is always a 40% off Coupon on the Hobby Lobby website good for one item. If you pay attention throughout the year, they will have at least 2 sales on their silk florals a year.

silk7 (2)

The best advice I can give you is to be realistic with your budget and go from there. Silk Floral Arrangements can be beautiful and if done correctly your guests won’t even know they’re not fresh flowers!


silk4 (2)



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