10 Grand Exit Ideas Your Venue Will Actually Let You Do!

Sparklers are awesome right?! I mean, just look at this gorgeous couple and the warm light around them!
Realistically though, most venues don’t allow sparklers anymore.
So what CAN you do?

10 Grand Exit Ideas Your Venue Will Actually Let You Do!

1. Paper Airplanes

A unique send off for the fun, travel-bound couple. Pro Tip: Use a good cardstock paper, so your planes will FLY! Us a Matte, Metallic and Glitter cardstock paper packs with a Paper Airplane Folding Template!

2. Glowsticks


Here’s your colorful grand exit to replace the sparklers at night! You’re photographer will be able to capture these a lot easier without all the smoke that sparklers bring!
Pro-Tip: Pass them out as fun Guest Favors and let your guests dance away the night with their colorful glowsticks!


3. Pom-Poms


Here’s a vibrant way to make your Grand Exit! Perfect for couples with a love for color!
Check out all the color options

4. Plantable Confetti


This Confetti is not just Eco-Friendly, it’s also full of wildflower seeds!
Long after your wedding celebration of your love for one another, flowers will grow and bloom. Your love will literally make the world more beautiful!

5. Bubbles


Bubbles are still a nice classic, and they’re fun for adult and kids! Bring it to the next level though and use these portable QUIET bubble machines. Your guests can add to the bubbles that it creates so you have the whole area full of bubbles!

6. Cowbell–Let Love Ring!

let love ring.PNG


Make some Noise!! Choose your wedding colors, and customize them if you want; these cowbells are a fun and out-of-the-box way to make your Grand Exit!

7. Ribbon Wands with Bells


Choose your custom wedding colors, or order the multi-color pack. Either way, this Grand Exit idea is mess free, budget friendly, colorful AND makes some noise for you when you escape the party!
Added bonus: no confetti in your bra!

8. Eco-Confetti


If you’re OK with a little confetti in your bra, then here you go! This gorgeous white confetti is Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable. Just a little bit of water will wash it all away. Pro-Tip: use recycled paper cones to portion the confetti out for your guests.

9. Christmas Bells
(Not just for Christmas)

Here’s another magical noise maker that you can enjoy during your Grand Exit. Sure, you naturally thing of them for Christmas, but honestly, you can use them any time of the year. Choose either Silver or Gold Bells, add your ribbon color of choice and there you go, done!

10. Herbs & Wild Flowers



If you’re a couple who loves to cook, or have a green thumb then this creative Grand Exit is for you! The fresh herbs smell amazing, they’re natural and biodegradable and really….it’s flipping cool!



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