A Rustic-Chic Wedding

From Invitations to Flowers to Tiny Details, here is everything that you should think about when your style reflects that of the Rustic-Chic Theme. The common misconception is that a Rustic-Chic wedding is cheaper and that’s just not true. There’s so much that goes into creating and designing a wedding. You can stay in your budget and have the wedding you truly want, you just have to really think about what you’re doing. You have to truly design and execute correctly. The secret is that it’s all about the tiny details and making them reflect each other fluidly.

Here are some key points to consider when creating a Rustic-Chic Theme.

It’s important that your venue of choice reflects the wedding you’re wanting to design. Best choices for Rustic-Chic are Barn, Industrial or Outdoor. This is the base of your wedding and everything will revolve around your venue. Make sure you ask tons of questions and take photos so you can refer to them while designing your wedding at home.

You know the saying “Your eyebrows should be sisters, not twins”? The same goes for your Save-The-Dates. They should be a hint of what’s to come; a hint of your decor, style, theme and what to expect from your invitation. You can save some money here by sending these out as Postcards instead of full on envelopes.

Your invitations are where you go all out to make a statement. Does that mean it has to cost you $8 per invitation set? No way. It just means that you have to figure out how you want to make that “WOW” statement for your invitations and designing around that.

Here’s where Less is More and Glitter is Best! Instead of draping tons of linens all over your tables and layering with decor, try using a Table Runner that’s more of a statement! This is where you bring in the “Chic” and really elevate the whole affair. If you use a bold piece like these runners for your decor, than make sure it will tie in with everything else. It’s all about balance.

Burlap & Lace is always a good choice. Just make sure the burlap has been sewed on the side so it doesn’t flake off into everything! Cute little pockets for your flatware, ribbons of lace and burlap, and matching Bride & Groom signs. These are the little details that really makes your theme shine through!


Tiny details again! Here’s a cute cake topper that’s simple and elegant. It makes a statement while lending to the theme. Your escort cards are a great way to show a little creativity without getting crazy expensive. Often times, this can double as a Guest Favor!

Here’s a great way to save some money! The rise of Silk Flowers and all they can do! You can still have them designed and put together by a certified florist, so you know you’re getting skilled work, without all the expenses of real flowers. Our partnership with Savvy Silks allows you great discounts on the mastery behind the designs. Mason jars tend to still be a great decor item for the Rustic-Chic Design. At the time of writing this, Wal-Mart has the best prices,although don’t count out Facebook Garage Sell Groups. Some of these ladies like to resell what they bought for their weddings/events and it’s a great way for you to save money and for them to make a little back. Add fairy lights, bouquets that are similar to your bridesmaids bouquets or even something simple like baby’s breath.

Wedding Party Sunglasses, Groomsmen Pocket Watch, Rustic-Chic Guest Book, Rose Gold Bridesmaid Jewelry and Gorgeous Pashminas to color match your girls! There’s tons of small things that you were going to do anyways now designed to lend entirely to your Wedding Design Theme.



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