8 Tips For Scheduling A Wedding Around The Holidays


Planning your Halloween wedding, Christmas wedding, New Year’s Eve wedding, Arbor Day wedding? That last one probably isn’t such a big deal, but the other biggies certainly can be. You’re likely running into pre-made days off for more wedding frolic with your pals, but might also run into folks already on their own vacations.

Here are some tips that we gathered for scheduling a wedding around a holiday to avoid extra costs, extra guilt, and gain extra fun.

Give as much notice as possible

Try to send your save-the-date as soon as you can to give guests time to book flights in a potentially busier and more expensive travel season. You’ll also want to make sure you secure guests’ time before they book their vacations and time off from work.

Accept that you may lose a few guests

More of your guests are likely to decline the invitation than at a non-holiday timed wedding. Fixed plans, company events, and family obligations are hard to avoid. Giving a lot of time to plan and not being too sensitive to declines should soften the blow.


You may gain some out-of-towners

Holidays are often easier to extend time off, so you may offset the low RSVP rate with some extra out-of-towners. Feel free to peruse some of our wedding weekend posts to prepare to host non-local guests.

Prepare for more +1 requests

Guests will probably want to spend their holiday time with family, kids, and partners, so you may see a spike in requests for a plus-one. No matter which way you’re going (letting them or not), just be sure to have your answer ready to avoid the drama.

Offer something festive at the reception

Take advantage of the spirit of the season, whether it’s spooky at Halloween or peace on Earth around the winter holidays. Think cranberry signature cocktails for Christmas, a horror movie theme for Halloween… you get the idea. If you’re taking guests from their usual festivities, try to make sure they don’t miss out on the seasonal fun. You don’t have to go all-out with a seasonal theme, but a few touches can make all the difference for holiday-lovers.


Take advantage of seasonal food and foliage

Any time you can go seasonal for food and flowers will save you some cash. You can choose some festive, seasonal options and nobody will be the wiser that you did it for budget reasons.

Allow for higher costs from vendors

The flip-side to the budget issue is that holidays can often be a higher cost time for vendors, especially venues. Either allow for it in your budget or consider cost-saving options like morning/brunch weddings or cheaper days like Fridays or Sundays.

For a New Year’s Eve party, start it later than usual

This tip is holiday-specific. If you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party, don’t forget to start it a wee bit later since you’ll likely be partying well after midnight.


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