2019 Wedding Reception Trends Straight From the Experts

With 2019 quickly approaching, some of the best in the wedding industry are already taking notes for next year’s hottest trends. Some standout favorites for a modern tablescape? Lots of layering, clean lines, and loads of varying texture. Pastel colors are also making a strong comeback (yay, blush pink!) accompanied by the stark contrast of black accent colors.

For more on how you can start planning your reception tablescape for your 2019 wedding, we asked wedding planners to dish on what will be hot next year, from linens and decor to gorgeous color palettes for an unforgettable display.

Ashley Sawtelle.jpg

Ashley Sawtelle

Black accents

A chic choice for any wedding color palette, expect to see black accents on tablescapes far and wide. “The stark contrast in colors from the blush centerpiece to the sophistication of the black candlesticks made this display really standout in the final photos,” says Ashley Sawtelle, Owner of Ashley Sawtelle.

Cole Drake .jpg

Sylvie Gil

Flowers that tell a story

For one bride, using florals to represent some of her most cherished childhood memories became an element in her tablescape design. “This client, in particular, had a love for Scarlet Begonias (as well as the color) as her dad used to sing her the song (from The Grateful Dead), and her late mother planted them in her yard when she grew up,” says Stephanie Cole, Principal Planner and Founder of Cole Drake.

Mariee Ami.jpg

Davy Whitner

Modern blended with traditional

According to Neillie Butler, Owner and Executive Planner of Mariée Ami, crafting a balance between using traditional and contemporary pieces with varying textures, is what makes a tablescape feel rich in design.

Jenny Schneider Events.jpg

Eric Kelley

Keep it simple

One trend that will continue to prevail throughout 2019 is the pull towards refined elegance. “Opting for a classic, simple, and refined aesthetic will always be in style,” says Jenny Schneider, Owner of Jenny Schneider Events. Go for minimal decor and an airy color palette.

Jill & Co..jpg

Kristen Beinke Photography

Velvet and lucite

“We started seeing a strong influence of velvet,” says Jilly Remy, Owner, Lead Planner & Designer of Jill & Co. Events. “With the different tones of velvet available through specialty linen companies, this trend can carry throughout all seasons.” Complement your contemporary design with lucite in elements like flatware, name cards, or table numbers.

Laurie Arons.jpeg

Erich McVey


Monogrammed napkins are emerging as the perfect personal touch to your wedding tabletop. “It makes the wedding dinner feel like an elegant dinner party and is an investment in the future dinner parties to come in the couple’s new home,” says Laurie Arons, Founder of Laurie Arons Special Events.

Birch Event Design.jpg

Christian Oth Studio


Josh Spiegel, President and Creative Director of Birch Event Design, suggests integrating organic elements like greenery and foliage into your tablescape design alongside a pop of metallic. “Natural elements with a touch of glam makes a table both formal and welcoming,” he says.

Cannon Green.jpg

Eric Kelley

Candles at different heights

“Tall candles add an unexpected theatrical flair that is to die for,” says Demi Meeker, Senior Sales Manager at Cannon Green. Go for a wax candle that adds a hauntingly elegant quality to your display while drawing the eye up.

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/emily-matt-submission

Courtesy of Engaging Events by Ali

Keep it neat

Ali Phillips, Founder of Engaging Events by Ali, suggests tidying up your table in 2019. An immaculate place setting—free of virtually everything but your charger, menu, and napkin—are both photographically and spatially pleasing.

Kehoe Designs .jpg

Riverbend Studios


“Celadon green will have a moment next spring,” says Bridget Frizzie, Creative Director of Kehoe Designs. The minty green is just one of the many pastel colors that will frequent wedding color palettes in 2019. Match with lavender, beige, and pale blush shades to capitalize on the marbled, earthy quality of this beautiful color.

Fionna Floral.jpg

Larissa Cleveland Photography

Create depth

Jennifer Zukovsky, Co-Owner of Fionna Floral, encourages a display with varying levels of decor. “Filling out long tablescapes with multiple floral arrangements in a high/low fashion will add depth and dimension at different levels with floral and candles,” she says.

Posh Parties.jpg

Black & Hue Photography

Lucite chargers

“Using a clear charger gives a clean, non-evasive look to your tablescape,” explains Heather Lowenthal, Owner of Posh Parties. Add details to each charger like a metallic rim or a round menu card for an even more unique touch.

Branch Design Studio.jpg

Untitled design (1)

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