Upcoming Wedding Planner Book: Extensive & About the Author

The Chaos Coordinator’s Wedding Planner is the top of the line, extensive and comprehensive wedding planning guide. You’ll find worksheets, how-to’s and detailed guidance throughout the whole process.

We’re working on some behind the scenes projects, and How-To Videos and Vlogs are some of them. The one I am most proud of is this extensive book/planner I’ve been creating. I got into the Service Industry to help others. I love to make someone else smile and eventually over the years I found wedding and event planning. With over 18 years of experience, mess-ups, failures and successes, you can imagine I have plenty of experience to share.

This book is for all the DIY, Type-A personalities that like to have control but still need some guidance.
This book is for the couple that is busy, needs help and has a budget.
This book is for everyone, with my experience mixed in and tons of lists, check lists and templates.

A Little About Myself:

I’ve been a Chef, Designer, Division 1 Swimmer, Ocean Activist, Event Planner, Wedding Designer and now Author.
I love loose leaf teas, I collect teacups and coffee cups, and strangely I love big soup spoons. In contrast to the big beautiful weddings I’ve designed and coordinated, my tastes run fairly simple. I watch tons of documentaries, generally anything to do with oceanography, and any animals living in the water. Typically, I’m reading, constantly, every day; all the time with the reading. We’ll automatically be best friends if you have a pet, love books like me and if you have snacks.

My Process of Writing This Planner So Far:

Coffee. Tea. Coffee. Tea. Add in Hot Cocoa during the holiday season. Boom!

The process was generally a lot of sitting, thinking, sometimes talking out-loud to the dogs and cat, occasionally my husband is in the room. Most of the conversations were one sided while my two dogs, cat and husband just stare at me like I’ve lost my mind. They’re usually right.

I unfortunately express all my thoughts on my face, so if you were to have seen me during this portion of the process, it would have been comical.  You’d most likely would have seen a semi-unkempt woman, sitting in her rocking chair on the patio, mumbling to herself while her expressions change from the multitude of emotions that go through thinking of what I might have missed in putting this planner together.

Now that I think about it, I think the dogs, cat and husband are right, I might be crazy, but most artists are right?!


BOOK COVER VOTE: We’ll have a book cover voting. I figure if you’re going to be the ones purchasing it, why not let you choose the cover?!
PRE-ORDER SALE: This is still going on and will until the book is officially released. I believe that’s about $10 off right now! The Wedding Store, A Sunday Wedding, is taking the pre-order sales for me. It takes a team to keep things organized!
VLOG/HOW-TO CHANNEL: I’m working with Patreon to bring all of my knowledge in my head to videos that you can subscribe to. Making whatever wedding question pops into your head at 2am answerable after a few clicks to my channel.
FEEDBACK: I’m going to be looking forward to your feedback. It’ll help me know what you want to know and what you’re looking for. So, I’m always happy with constructive feedback!

SHOUT-OUT: Maite from Maite Photography has been SO much fun to work with. All the photos in this upcoming book are hers and they’re outstanding shots. I trust her so much that she was MY wedding photographer.





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