Wickedly Haunted Wedding Venues in Every U.S. State

Chandeliers swaying in empty, still rooms. The shrill shriek of a woman off in the distance. Piano's playing on the own accord. Pictures flying off the walls. The giggles of children around an empty pool. The sound of footsteps on deserted stairs. Cold spots in an otherwise warm room. These are the things of nightmares and … Continue reading Wickedly Haunted Wedding Venues in Every U.S. State

Butterfly Wonderland

At Hurn Events Management we have many All-Inclusive Venues that we work with, but none of them include tying the knot with real butterflies floating around! Butterfly Wonderland features an indoor conservatory that brings a tropical rain forest to life while thousands of butterflies fly freely. There are interactive exhibits, a Butterfly Emergence Gallery, 3D … Continue reading Butterfly Wonderland