Meet The Team


Hello lovely!

I’m Meaghan Hurn, Owner, Founder and Chaos Coordinators

I’ve spent roughly 19 years in the Hospitality Industry and my favorite part about it is the challenges and the ability to constantly learn. I started out in the culinary world, and I’ve created everything from intricate wedding cakes to catering for 10,000; as well as that one time the Royals won the World Series and the parade brought in about 800,000 people to my hotel area. That was a crazy day!

I’m an artist on all levels; I love to paint, weld, design, decorate, build websites, blog and even write books. I approach life as a learning experience and I never pass up the opportunity to learn something new or try new cuisine.


For the last 7 years, I’ve exclusively been working on wedding planning and have seen a lot happening throughout the industry. I’ve had a lot of couples want to be able to book a wedding planner to help coordinate and guide them, but with rising costs in all areas of life it seems the wedding budgets get smaller while all the other wedding vendors raise their prices.

After spending months thinking on how I might be able to help, I came up with a simple solution:A Wedding Planning Box!
I’ll coordinate it all for you, from the forms and systems I’ve already created, pack it up into a nice organized box and all you need to do is follow the check list!

Simple, Efficient and Budget-Friendly!

The best part for you—you’ll have the guidance, experience and knowledge of my 19 years behind you as you work through the Wedding Planning Box.

Best part for your budget—it won’t cost you my normal $4,000 for full wedding planning!

Everyone wins and your wedding is coordinated with the help of an experienced professional.