15 Secrets from a Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planning Cycle Brides typically go through five phases over the course of the engagement. Phase One: ENGAGED! You buy every magazine out there and become overwhelmed with the prospect of all the colors, ideas, and other choices. Phase Two: The planning process starts. It's fun! Your friends and family are interested. Strangers in line at the … Continue reading 15 Secrets from a Wedding Planner

20 Stunning DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Autumn’s Shining Shades Embrace fall’s most vibrant, saturated colors to achieve this look — think tangerine, coral and blood orange hues. Pair the striking colors with natural wood and metallics for a rustic glam feel. Here, a peony framed with dusty miller steals the show, but choose your favorite flowers to personalize your centerpieces. Arrange … Continue reading 20 Stunning DIY Wedding Centerpieces

2019 Wedding Reception Trends Straight From the Experts

With 2019 quickly approaching, some of the best in the wedding industry are already taking notes for next year’s hottest trends. Some standout favorites for a modern tablescape? Lots of layering, clean lines, and loads of varying texture. Pastel colors are also making a strong comeback (yay, blush pink!) accompanied by the stark contrast of black accent colors. For … Continue reading 2019 Wedding Reception Trends Straight From the Experts