8 Tips For Scheduling A Wedding Around The Holidays

Planning your Halloween wedding, Christmas wedding, New Year's Eve wedding, Arbor Day wedding? That last one probably isn't such a big deal, but the other biggies certainly can be. You're likely running into pre-made days off for more wedding frolic with your pals, but might also run into folks already on their own vacations. Here are some tips … Continue reading 8 Tips For Scheduling A Wedding Around The Holidays

What To Ask Your Wedding Cake Bakery.

When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, the options are truly endless. Buttercream, ganache, or fondant? Sugar flowers or fresh blooms? Intricate piping or a rustic semi-naked style? And we haven’t even gotten to the shape or flavors yet! All those choices are exciting (and delicious!), but it can also get pretty overwhelming. To … Continue reading What To Ask Your Wedding Cake Bakery.

Butterfly Wonderland

At Hurn Events Management we have many All-Inclusive Venues that we work with, but none of them include tying the knot with real butterflies floating around! Butterfly Wonderland features an indoor conservatory that brings a tropical rain forest to life while thousands of butterflies fly freely. There are interactive exhibits, a Butterfly Emergence Gallery, 3D … Continue reading Butterfly Wonderland